Questions often asked by clients

How do I know I'm ready to hire a VA?

Whilst running a business is demanding a lot of the time, if you’re constantly feeling swamped and missing quality time with friends & family whilst you spend too much time on tasks you know someone else could do - you need a VA.
If your struggling to meet deadlines, missing opportunities, or worse yet your health is suffering, then the question is not how but what.... what can I delegate to relieve the pressure and increase productivity?

How can a VA help with my social media?

I LOVE all things online marketing and can assist with growth in various ways, to increase your online presence. Whether it's your Google My Business Listing, email marketing, moderating your Facebook page or curating content across multiple platforms. It's my jam!

And, if there's something out of my scope - I proudly belong to a tribe of talented VA's  and will find someone who will fit the bill perfectly. I will help you however I can. #communityovercompetition

What are your payment terms?

For service plans, I bill a month in advance (weekly by AP). Project work is 50% upfront and the balance within 7 days of completing the project. Casual work is billed Friday of each week for payment within 7 days. I am a one-woman band and do not enjoy chasing money in my spare time. 
VA support will cease if payment is not made within the agreed time frame & any resources put on hold. 

I wholeheartedly give 100% commitment and expect the same of clients.

How do I delegate work effectively?

If working with a VA is a first for you then I have a worksheet to help you sit down & start brainstorming what you hate doing, what your biggest time wasters are & prioritising what tasks you can hand over. Also, we go through a very detailed & comprehensive onboarding process together, where we cover communication styles, values, and processes. Ensuring we are both on the same page & rearing to go. Preparation & managing expectations is key to a successful working relationship!

How can I afford a VA?

For starters, my rate is very competitive. I specialise in Digital Marketing and am constantly upskilling (AI & business automation) so my rate is industry standard with the added bonus of putting these skills into practice as I go, Hiring a VA also allows you a flexible and scalable contract meaning you can use me as little or as much as you need. Without the added cost of an employee in regards to ACC, Kiwisaver, PAYE, holiday or sick pay. Not to mention increased productivity & no staff distractions. Time tracking software means exact time spent = exact time billed. Feedback from clients is that outsourcing to a VA saves you money. In fact the Savvy School released a 2021 price comparison which I'll put below for reference.

When are you available to me?

As I manage only a handful of clients, I schedule & time-block my time depending on my availability & the needs of my client’s. So whilst I work Monday - Friday 9am-4pm my availability does vary, however I check messenger and emails twice daily. Any work required outside of these hours is considered urgent and is billed accordingly. And just as I make myself available to clients for as long as they need me, I ask that they kindly give me 30 days’ notice.

Understandably you may have nerves about this process. You've worked hard and long to put your heart, time & finances into your business. I do not take that lightly and as a business owner myself I will work hard & diligently to see your satisfied and your business is thriving. Delivering value is key to my business model and I will ensure it is yours.

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